Toe and finger systoe measurement of pressure


Toe and finger pressures will undergo a rapid automatic assessment by the use of an exclusive appliance called an Atys Systoe is simple to use. It always gives accurate readings and findings. It is used when dealing with patients suffering from diabetes, chronic renal failure and the elderly. It has employed the application of photoplethysmography (PPG) and an algorithm that is patented and unique. The device can measure readings below 20mmHg. It can spot even the slightest change in the volume of the blood in the skin. On the distal pad, there is a sensor. It is made possible by the use of photoelectric cells. systoe was developed by Atys medical. Due to its reliability and affordability, it has enabled health professionals to take accurate toe and finger systolic pressure measurements. It is used by vascular specialists, nephrologists, diabetologists, and wound care centres. The device can save 32 readings and has high validation clinically. It has offered a great upgrade over previously used devices. It is affordable, and has very high return on investment. Screening using this device could save your life by giving you early warning of illness you would otherwise ignore. Your life is invaluable, and this device could save it, for quite a low cost.

Usage, portability, precision and sensitivity of the systole device


• The occlusion cuff is placed on the proxy of the toe or finger.
• A distal phalanx which has a sensor with a cuff, is positioned.
• Press the start key
• Take the toe or finger pressure reading displayed on the screen of the device.

The comfort of using the device

• The toes and fingers will have the same cuffs.
• The device will automatically inflate and deflate the cuffs.

Portability of the device

• The device uses a battery which means, it can be recharged or you can carry an extra battery if you are working in the hospital.
• It is not heavy as it just weighs less than 0.5 kg.
• It is easily mobile thus the reading can be taken anywhere.

Precision and sensitivity of the device

The device can measure blood pressures that are less than 20mmHg. The cuff is inflated and deflated automatically by the device itself. This ensures that the level of accuracy is high. The device has undergone many studies, showing it is more reliable than other devices used like laser Doppler. Within a short period, the pressure reading is viewed on the screen. It can also display the systolic pressure index when the brachial pressure is known. The toe brachial index( TBI or TBPI ) and the finger brachial index (FBI) is the systolic pressure index.

The applications and features of the systoe device

The applications

• It saves time and resources as it helps avoid scans when treating triage patients.
• When surgery is performed, the systoe can check if there is an increase in toe pressure. It is used when performing bypass, stenting and endovascular treatments.
• It can be employed when observing healing on an open laceration that is on the foot.
• It is used to determine nutritional blood flow. Which is indicated by a reading that is higher than 30mmHg.

The Features

• It is used to diagnose PAD and CLI.
• Provides assessment that is fast and automatic.
• It can take pressure readings below 20 mmHg and stores 32 previous readings.
• It can provide validated clinical papers when they have requested.
• It is used to assess diabetic patients, elderly patients and, patients suffering from chronic renal failure.
• It is used to observe the healing process of an ulcer.


The device has good features that show the equipment is easy to use and has a high clinical validation. It is also highly reliable.